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Welcome to Greeting Health!

Our aim is to offer you support for improving health, by increasing energy and vitality. Stress and tension in the body play a significant role in physical, mental, and emotional illness. By being thoughtful about diet, rest, movement, and the attitude with which we approach our day, each of us has the potential to mitigate the impact of life’s chaos, and even transform it into a source of energy we can use productively. Through this practice, we are not ‘fighting disease’, but increasing health!

As a Family Physician, Breema Instructor, and mother of five. I am learning, moment to moment, how to benefit the most from each day. I see that I need support to develop the skills and understanding required to find the right guidance at the right time. Advice from friends, experts, or literature is only useful when its uniquely applicable to the people and situations being considered. I frequently find the support I need by bringing Breema's grounding and unifying approach to the events of life. In this way, when confronted with questions or challenges, I know how to stop, regroup, and find the right guidance.

We have the potential to develop the skills to have our own inner compass, which supports us in making meaningful choices. Join us at the clinic or in one of our workshops to explore how Breema can support developing our inner wisdom, leading to increased health, vitality and clarity! Instead of searching outside of myself, we can develop the skills to be in the body, and then greet health from within.

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