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Breema: Real Health Means Harmony with Existence

Trying to describe Breema is like trying to describe the taste of an apple. Someone can tell you about the texture and flavor, but you can’t really know the taste of apple until you taste it for yourself.

Breema’s philosophy is both simple and powerful: real health means harmony with existence. When you receive a Breema treatment, wordlessly you receive this message. You get a a taste of your real potential to be in harmony with everything. That’s why Breema feels so deeply nourishing, why sooner or later it has such a revolutionary effect on your health, why people positively glow after receiving a session. Breema fills them up with energy that lights them up from the inside.

Much of Breema’s profound benefit comes from its uniquely non-diagnostic, non-judgmental approach. The aim of the practitioner is to come to a level of presence. And with that presence comes an unmistakable atmosphere in which the instinctive wisdom of the body takes charge. The quality of the practitioner’s touch and movement becomes precisely attuned to the dynamics of your body. In effect, Breema finds what’s healthiest and most alive in you and nurtures and energizes it more. Your body then heals itself in the safest, most natural way possible. Tension and deeply held physical, mental, and emotional patterns are released. You open up as your many systems come into balance.

Session by session Breema decrystallizes you, lessening habitual dependence on the unnatural ways of moving, thinking, and feeling that deplete your energy, erode your health, and make you tense and out of sync with life. As Breema, naturally and without force, dissolves these constrictive patterns, it gives you something priceless – an imprint of the Nine Principles in your body. The stronger that imprint becomes the more you find yourself having new thoughts, new feelings, and a new attitude towards life.

A typical Breema session is given fully clothed on a padded floor. There is a wide variety of choreographed movements in the practitioner’s repertoire, including gentle yet penetrating stretches, gradual leaning, rhythmic brushing, and percussive tapping. Each session is customized to the needs of the recipient. Recipients of Breema can also expect to learn Self-Breema exercises as part of their Breema session with Certified Practitioner. Self-Breema supports your body, mind, and feelings to work together harmoniously, and helps you become more balanced, connected, and present. Many take only a minute to do, yet each gently dissolves rigidity and tension and leaves you feeling revitalized, uplifted, and more whole.

One of the many published books about Breema and its practical approach to harmonious living is Freedom Is In This Moment – The Timeless Wisdom of Breema, 365 Insights for Daily Life. It presents the universal philosophy of Breema in short, beautiful sayings. Here are two of them”

To Be who you are, you don’t need much, but you have to let go of a lot.

All suffering has the same root – identification with an imaginarily separated “me.”

Laura Rawson, L.Ac. is a staff instructor at the Breema Center in Oakland, California. She teaches throughout the US with an emphasis in Colorado, the Pacific Northwest, and the North Bay. She will be teaching in Occidental with Micki Meredith and Cathrina Susoev on June 2. For more info, visit

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