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You Can Always Take One Step

Listen to the sound of the raindrops landing on the skylight windows. Let those raindrops pass through your mind and fill you up with life energy. There is no food more nourishing or tasty then the present. - Collected by Jon Schreiber You can always take one step to increase your vitality. When I see I am being drained by what I am reading, I close my computer, or turn off my phone. This does not mean I am being inattentive to the world around me, but taking time to connect to myself helps me to be more fully available. You can experience your body inhaling, and exhaling, and know that the body has weight on the ground. In this moment, connected to the body, you discover an inner quiet that can weather the storm. If you cultivate this quiet, it can become stronger than the fear. This isn’t difficult; in fact it is the most natural way of being. You first find your desire to practice this art of coming to yourself. Then you can do what is needed for your life with a clear mind. Choose one of the Nine Principles to support you today. If you wish, write your experience in the comments.

Body Comfortable No Extra No Hurry/No Pause Full Participation Single Moment/Single Activity Mutual Support Firmness and Gentleness No Force No Judgment

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