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Alexandra, Johnson MD practices Integrative Medicine and Breema Bodywork in Santa Cruz and Oakland,CA

Alexandra R Johnson, MD

Integrative Family Medicine Consultation





Alexandra R. Johnson, MD, trained in Family Medicine at the University of Colorado, with a fellowship in obstetrics. Throughout her medical career, her emphasis has been on finding simple and meaningful paths to optimal health. She served as teaching faculty for the University of Colorado and Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia, worked at a refugee clinic in rural Colorado, and is a specialist in developing physician wellness curricula.


Her current clinical practice integrates Breema bodywork, hypnosis and diet with functional and western approaches, to create a personalized plan for each patient.


Dr. Johnson has been studying and teaching Breema bodywork for over 20 years, and has found this approach invaluable in working with any health condition. Her work focuses not only on improving immediate symptoms of illness, but on developing a connection to the body that supports insight into how our unconscious conditioning affects our health. This catalyzes a profound process of personal growth and healing.


Dr. Johnson has used Breema‘s universal principles extensively in both prenatal care and labor to cultivate an open, nurturing environment in which great transformation can take place. She was featured in the 2016 film, Why Not Home?, discussing the importance of physiologic birth practices and the need for conversation between home birth and hospital birth providers.


Available in-person or virtual

Initial Consultation (60 minutes): $500

60 minute session: $250 

30 minute session: $125 

Pediatric Intake: $300

Visits include a Breema Bodywork session 

Prolozone Session: $350 per session

Call or email to schedule


*24-hour notice required for cancellation 

You Will Still Need a Primary Care Provider (PCP)

Greeting Health offers a consultative approach to health. Together we will review your mental, physical, and emotional concerns, and construct a comprehensive plan to optimally increase health, energy and vitality. This may include advice regarding lifestyle and diet, and potentially recommendations for lab tests and medications. We are not a primary care provider, however, and you will still need your current provider to manage any acute or chronic medical conditions, as well as annual check ups, prescription refills or other procedures.

Important Information About Scheduling Online

Greeting Health PC and the Breema Clinic use a shared appointment system. This enables the individual practitioners working out of the Breema Clinic to coordinate room usage. When you schedule an appointment, your name and any information you enter (phone, email or address), will become part of the Breema Clinic centralized scheduling system. No information about your health or the reason for your visit will be disclosed, and there is no clinical information shared between providers unless authorized by the patient in writing. If you prefer to not have your name or other information in the Breema Clinic scheduling record, you can schedule with only your first name and last initial. By scheduling online, you recognize you have read and understood this information and agree to participate in the Breema Clinic centralized scheduling system.

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