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Conscious Dancer Interview with Dr Johnson

All life expresses the principle of Mutual Support. From the relationships that create and sustain our bodies to our interactions with the world around us, our lives are a dynamic interplay. When we relate to the world from a balanced state, we are nourished by the foods we eat, the interactions we have, and the activities in which we spend our time. Life becomes a vibrant dance. We have the possibility to give and receive support with our thoughts, relationships, and activities.

I recently saw a client who has many demands on her in both her personal and professional life. She felt she had no energy left for herself. Together, we began to examine what she eats, how she interacts with others, and how she digests—mentally, physically, and emotionally—the things that happen each day. Through Breema bodywork, she discovered a new relationship to her body that brought her insight, inspiration, and direction. Receiving Breema bodywork helped her establish an experiential relationship with Breema’s Nine Principles of Harmony – particularly the principles of No Force and Mutual Support. By experiencing first-hand how those principles apply to physical movement and interactions, she began to see how she could use them to make her interactions with others more supportive, energizing, and satisfying.

At Greeting Health, our integrative clinic, we help people discover how to have positive, health-enhancing relationships to their bodies, activities, and others through holistic and integrative medicine, somatic psychotherapy, and Breema Bodywork. Breema offers a direct experience of Mutual Support for both practitioner and recipient. It catalyzes a return to vibrant physical, mental, and emotional health. Breema is a powerful “antidote” for the sense of burn-out and isolation so prevalent today. Receiving Breema Bodywork is like shining a flashlight into a dark room. Anxieties dissolve; clarity emerges. We can rediscover an inner sense of belonging and security that enables us to look at how we wish to prioritize our time to better benefit from the food we eat and the conditions we find ourselves in. We find practical steps we can take to live a life that increases, rather than drains, our vital energy.

Alexandra Johnson, MD is a Family Physician and has been a Breema Practitioner and Instructor for over 20 years. She has found Breema’s nonjudgmental atmosphere to be invaluable in working with any health condition. Since 2017 she has offered Breema bodywork in conjunction with Integrative Family Medicine. She also offers Self-Breema movement classes online, Wed mornings 9-9:30PT via zoom. For more information about Dr. Johnson and the Greeting Health clinic, please visit

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