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Integrative Clinic

Santa Cruz, CA

Mutual Support is the Essence of Well-Being


Dr. Johnson approaches illness as an opportunity. Rather than only trying to make symptoms disappear, she looks for the underlying causes of imbalance. She believes that health comes not by 'fighting disease', but from supporting what is well within the body. As an integrative MD, her common sense approach combines wisdom from Western medicine, functional medicine, food as medicine, and body-mind connection to help create a practical and individualized path to wellness.

Her current clinical practice integrates Breema bodywork, hypnosis and diet with functional and western approaches, to create a personalized plan for each patient.

Alexandra, Johnson MD practices Integrative Medicine and Breema Bodywork in Santa Cruz, CA

Alexandra R. Johnson, MD

License #148633




While I don’t bill insurance, I can generate a super bill upon request.  I am categorized as an “out of network” provider. Your insurance may cover 60-80% of these types of comprehensive office visits, after applicable deductibles have been met.  It varies with each insurance carrier, so please check with your insurance ahead of time to know what will be covered. Medicare does not cover these visits. I have opted out of Medicare, meaning you’ll need to sign a waiver upon registering, saying you will not bill Medicare for any consultations.


Experience health as a pathway to a more meaningful life!

Breema is a practical method with a profound understanding of the underlying unity of all life. The Nine Principles of Harmony are the foundation of Breema and the keys to real physical, mental, and emotional health. Self-Breema exercises and Breema bodywork are ideal catalysts for health improvement and greater vitality.

Breema is deeply nourishing and helps us let go of conditioned patterns, and discover new and more natural ways of moving, thinking, and feeling. Breema addresses the essential nature of life, the deeper meaning of health, and how to actualize it.


Join us and find greater vitality, clarity, and harmony in your life! We are independent professionals with a common aim; all our practitioners are Certified Breema Practitioners and Instructors. We have found that combining Breema with our practices enhances the therapeutic process. Our services include a Breema Bodywork session followed by your choice of psychotherapy, integrative medical consultation, acupuncture, hypnosis, or massage— all with the perspective and wisdom of Breema.

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