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Terms & Conditions

Specific Terms and Conditions documents are listed below. 


Greeting Health PC (GH) is a Private Corporation, solely owned by Alexandra R Johnson, MD.

All providers who see patients at The Breema Clinic (6201 Florio Street) are individual businesses who use a common space. Providers use separate records, and do not share medical information unless seeing a common patient, and with written permission. 

GH Integrative Clinic follows the regulations outlined in the Heath Information Privacy Act (HIPPA). HIPPA states the patients have a right to the information in their health record.  The record itself is the property of GH or the specific  provider. 

48-hour notice required for cancellation or full appointment fee required.


Records, Notes & Documents


HIPPA allows for pertinent medical information to be released to other medical providers or clinics that are seeing you, if that information is pertinent to your direct care.  Thus if you have an appointment to see another physician for example, we will routinely send pertinent notes, lab tests, x-ray reports etc to that physician before your visit. When you request records be sent FROM GH, we must, by law get your specific written permission for each of providers you have seen at GH.  A general release to "GH” does not give permission to release other providers records of your care.

Specific policies and procedures used at GH are outlined in other sections also.

Greeting Health PC and Dr. Johnson specifically have no responsibility for the care or outcomes of the work of the other providers working at the same location. A patient’s relationship with them is directly and specifically up to the patient and the other provider. By suggesting that a patient see another provider, there is no obligation for the patient to see them. It is always the choice and the decision of the patient.


We use a centralized scheduling system for the Breema Clinic. When you schedule anappointment, your name and any information you enter (phone, email or address), will become part of the Breema Clinic centralized scheduling system. This enables the individual practitioners working out of the Breema Clinic to coordinate room usage. No information about your health or the reason for your visit will be disclosed, and there is no clinical information shared between providers unless authorized by the patient in writing. By signing this document, you acknowledge that you are aware that your name and any information you use to schedule on-line will become part of this central record. If you prefer to not have your name or other information in the Breema Clinic scheduling record, please let us know at this time, and only your first name and last initial will be entered into the system.By signing this you recognize you have read and understood this information and agree to participate in the Breema Clinic centralized scheduling system.

You Will Still Need a Primary Care Provider (PCP)

Greeting Health offers a consultative approach to health. Together we will review your mental, physical, and emotional concerns, and construct a comprehensive plan for how to get the most out of your health. This may include advice regarding lifestyle and diet, and potentially recommendations for lab tests and medications. We are not a primary care provider, however, and you will still need your current provider to manage any acute or chronic medical conditions, as well as annual check ups, prescription refills or other procedures.

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