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Redefining Health by Increasing Vitality


Greeting Health

Redefining Health by Increasing Vitality


Nurturing What Is Vital

Dr. Johnson approaches illness as an opportunity. Rather than only trying to make symptoms disappear, she looks for the underlying causes of imbalance. She believes that health comes not by 'fighting disease', but from supporting what is well within the body. As an integrative MD, her common sense approach combines wisdom from Western medicine, functional medicine, food as medicine, and body-mind connection to help create a practical and individualized path to wellness.

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Supporting What Is Healthy Within

Breema® is a simple, natural form of touch and body movement supported by universal principles. The aim of Breema is to bring us to a tangible experience of presence that becomes our foundation for a new dimension of health, consciousness, and self-understanding.

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Developing Self-Understanding

In order to enter into the purpose and meaning of the part, we must recognize that it is always included in a greater whole. Somatic Psychotherapy at the Integrative Clinic is based in Breema's recognition of the interconnectedness and interrelatedness of all life. Practically, this begins with the union of body and mind. Body-mind connection moves you from complication towards simplicity, and from fragmentation towards unity. We begin this relationship with ourselves by bringing the mind to the activity of the body and working with the Nine Principles of Harmony.

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Body-Mind Connection

Movement is a birthright we all share. Expressing the energy and birthright of movement with full participation is a key ingredient in dance.  Nurturing this aliveness and vitality is what inspires my work as a dancer, and I am grateful for having body-mind connection as a tool to bring into any activity. Join me for Breema Bodywork, Massage, Self-Breema Classes, & Dance and Yoga Sessions.


Accessing Inner Wisdom

Every human is born with an instinctive, inner wisdom. The constant barrage of influences from our immediate environment and from society ‘conditions’ us and we lose our connection to that wisdom. We navigate through life by mechanically reacting to events based on this conditioning. Hypnosis can help us reconnect to our inner wisdom and find more supportive and harmonious approaches to the problems and issues we encounter.

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Integrative Holistic Clinic

The healing process is simply the movement towards real health. It's a natural phenomenon, and it begins with the absence of criticism.  The universe is constantly healing itself. That's why Existence has harmony.

Jon Schreiber 

Real Health Means Harmony with Existence

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