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Bringing Health Into Perspective

Today I was with a client. He came for Breema bodywork, but also had a question and needed a medical consultation. I wanted to answer his question accurately, but in a way that would actually support his healing, and not deepen identification with his body’s condition.

I offered him medical advice, and we agreed on a treatment plan. After he received Breema bodywork, he mentioned how much the session had helped him to release tension, quiet the mind, and harmonize his emotions. He also said that his attitude about his health was improved. He felt like it was finally ‘in perspective.’ He was still experiencing physical symptoms, but he was no longer draining his emotional energy.

During the session, I experienced the same harmonizing effects in myself! Imbalances in the mind, body, and feelings are conditions that can be addressed. But if I spend my energy reacting to those conditions, I increase the imbalances and have to deal not only with the pain, but also with the suffering created by identification with them. Giving and receiving Breema support me because I see that I can change my attitude. I can move towards greater health, not by focusing on pathology, but by increasing my vitality.

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