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Breema: Real Health Means Harmony with Existence

Trying to describe Breema is like trying to describe the taste of an apple. Someone can tell you about the texture and flavor, but you can’t really know the taste of apple until you taste it for yourself. Breema’s philosophy is both simple and powerful: real health means harmony with existence. When you receive a Breema treatment, wordlessly you receive this message. You get a a taste of your real potential to be in harmony with everything. That’s why Breema feels so deeply nourishing, why sooner or later it has such a revolutionary effect on your health, why people positively glow after receiving a session. Breema fills them up with energy that lights them up from the inside. Much of Breema

Supporting Harmony in Relationships

At a recent gathering, two guests began a conversation that created a palpable tension in the room. I was asked what I thought, and saw the pull to present my opinion to the group. Then I remembered the principle of Firmness and Gentleness. If I spoke without forethought, there was the possibility of erring on the side of too much Firmness, increasing the polarization. If I stayed passive, the dialogue could likewise continue to be increasingly reactive. I placed my hand on the shoulder of one of my kids, who was standing next to me. I wished to have Firmness and Gentleness in my touch. As I leaned, the interest in staying with both qualities brought me to the body. With body-mind connection

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