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Mutual Support

While we are being encouraged to align ourselves with a small part of humanity, such as race, religion, or political affiliation, our inherent and natural need and expression as humans must of necessity lead us in the opposite direction— towards a unified attitude that is inclusive rather than exclusive. To live as nature designed us to live leads to better mental, emotional, physical, and even spiritual health, and greater happiness and fulfillment in life.

While the media may try to convince us that we must protect our own welfare by isolating ourselves from others, Breema supports us to see and understand that we are each a part of an inclusive whole, with room and potential for everyone to flourish. We begin to recognize and experience this truth by receiving Breema bodywork, and by practicing Self-Breema exercises. Learning how to do Breema bodywork with others also offers tremendous support. In each of these conditions, we come into direct, experiential contact with the principle of Mutual Support. Breema ingeniously enables us to experience this first through our body, and then also with our mind and feelings. As we see the nourishing fruits of working with this universal principle, we experience greater harmony and fulfillment in taking care of our ordinary needs in ways that consider the well-being of others. Our “family” begins to grow and begins to include an ever-widening circle of people. We find ourselves on the path towards a more meaningful life, and we grow, becoming more and more truly human.

—Jon Schreiber, DC, Director of the Breema Center and Breema Clinic

Join Jon this Sat, March 23rd in Santa Cruz, CA for a Breema Workshop: Finding Your Inner Compass, or April 12-14, for a Breema Retreat Weekend, where he will be joined by Breema instructors from around the world!

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