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Moving in Harmony with Life by Alexandra Johnson, MD

In daily life, we are constantly racing against the clock, pressured by outer events. It can feel hard to find the time to make ourselves comfortable. In the nurturing, supportive environment of a Breema class, it becomes easier to connect with our inherent desire for balance and harmony. As we experience the non-judgmental atmosphere of Breema, we begin to see the possibility of bringing the Nine Principles of Harmony into our everyday lives. By working with these principles, we develop a new posture towards life that supports us to experience comfort, health, and harmony—within ourselves, and in all our relationships.

In every Breema Intensive, I meet students from all over the world who share the wish to support their lives through Breema's universal principles. After the past few years, in which it has been so difficult to study together with other people, I'm really looking forward to the Breema Center’s first 5-day Intensive in Oakland since 2020.

Alexandra Johnson, MD is a Family Physician, and a Breema Practitioner and Instructor for over 20 years. In her practice, she has found Breema’s non-judgmental atmosphere to be invaluable in working with any health condition. She is consistently amazed at the effect of Breema bodywork, Self-Breema exercises, and Nine Principles of Harmony in increasing vitality, addressing acute concerns, and offering new templates for relating to body, mind, and feelings.

Alexandra actively teaches in the weekly online Self-Breema classes from the Breema Center found at She began working as a Practitioner at the Breema Clinic in 2002, and since 2017 offers Breema bodywork at the Clinic in conjunction with Integrative Family Medicine. Visit to experience a one-on-one Self-Breema session, first session is free.

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