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There is Always One Step You Can Take

Every cell in your body performs a phenomenal variety of functions, and at the same time, has to maintain a precise and dynamic harmony with every other cell. In the same way, we are in constant relationship with our surroundings, affecting and being affected by them.

Breema bodywork supports harmony in that relationship by calming the nervous system and encouraging a return from imbalance to balance. Energy that was drained by tension is replenished, and symptoms like fatigue, anxiety, aches and pains, insomnia, and headaches often improve greatly.

In working with hundreds of patients, I have consistently seen a marked improvement in their attitude toward themselves, and in their outlook on life, even after a single Breema session. Discovering that there is always something you can do to experience better health, more vitality, and greater balance is profoundly healing and uplifting.

Join us in Oakland or Santa Cruz for a Breema bodywork session, personalized medicine consultation with Dr Johnson, or one of our self-care Breema classes, and experience what a difference it can make!

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