Experiencing Body Comfortable in the Moment

I was walking with my daughter. She asked me a question, and I realized that instead of listening to her, I had been lost in thought. As support for being available, I registered my breath and my footsteps as we walked. When I saw the mind drifting, I came back to the body, in order to participate more fully in this moment.

This reminded me of an experience from a recent Breema class. As I was exchanging with my partner, I suddenly saw how much tension was in my body. A moment before I had the story that I was comfortable—but when I looked at it further, I saw all the extra in my mind, body and feelings. I took a breath and my shoulders dropped. I hadn’t even known they were raised. My hand naturally increased in weight—without force—and the movement became much more comfortable.

I was grateful for the support of the class to help me see all the tension I carry that normally goes unnoticed. Each time I participate in a Breema class or exchange I discover something new about myself and the unconscious ways with which I relate to the world. I gain appreciation for the support of Breema and the Nine Principles of Harmony, which serve to highlight the difference between thinking about Body Comfortable and actually experiencing it.