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Don’t Mistake Introspection for Depression!

A few of my patients recently described their depression to me like this: “When I’m depressed, I ask myself—what’s the meaning of my life?” I really relate to this; it’s my question too! However, while it used to haunt me, now it supports me.

Who told us that questioning our life—or looking for meaning—is a pathology? To ask this question may mean we are actually on the right track. No one can just give us the meaning of our life, but we can use our dissatisfaction to motivate ourselves to find out.

When I give or receive Breema bodywork, practice self-Breema exercises, or when I remember any one of the Nine Principles of Harmony, I experience a nurturing connection to myself and a mutually supportive connection with others. When I don’t separate myself from life, I can be comfortable, regardless of the condition of my body, mind or feelings. I can find some sense of fulfillment and growth in every situation. In those moments I don’t need to look for meaning—because I can experience it directly.

If you haven’t yet had a Breema session, I encourage you to try it! Receiving Breema bodywork, attending one of our free online Self-Breema Classes or an in-person bodywork class can support you to see that questioning yourself and your purpose in life  isn’t a bad thing at all. It can actually help you find the right road to be more in charge of your health and your life.

Join Dr. Johnson and other Breema Center staff instructors for workshops this weekend, March 9-10 in Oakland, California at the Breema Center, and April 12-14 in Santa Cruz, California at Hummingbird Valley Retreat Center.

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